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When Greg Bennett was first learning to sail, (he can hardly believe that it was twenty-five years ago…), he asked one of the “old salts” what was the best way to learn to sail.  Without hesitation, he said, “Go racing.”  So he did.  And without a doubt it’s true.  Greg crewed at first, just to get an idea of how things worked and to learn the basic rules.  Races were sailed in every kind of condition you can think of and even a few he didn’t really want to remember.  And through the years, he learned how to handle a boat and how to be safe regardless of what Mother Nature threw at him, and he became a much better sailor.

There’s always something to learn in sailing, but you’ll learn more and learn it faster on the racecourse.  You’ll hear stories of how contentious sailboat racing is, but you won’t find that at BCSA.  On any race day, there’s always someone looking for crew.  If you show up at the clubhouse by 10 am on any race day, we’ll find you a boat to sail on and you’ll be pulling the strings along with everyone else.

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Sign up to be Race Committee!

Every race needs a race committee to start the race and to keep score.  Being the race committee is another aspect of sailboat racing that has its own challenges and rewards and knowledge of how the race committee works will even help you when you’re racing.  We encourage new sailors or anyone with an interest in racing to help on the race committee boat for any of the races.  There will be someone experienced on board whom will “show you the ropes” and explain what’s happening on the course and why the boat in front is where it is.  You’ll get to help set the course and use the racing signals.  To help, be at the clubhouse at 10 am on any race day.

Everyone who races should sign up to be the race committee for some of the races on our schedule. Anyone else who wants to help with race committee is encouraged to sign up too. You don’t have to be a racer or have any race committee experience to help. If you don’t know how, you can get experience by helping one of the experienced folks when they do their race committee duty. Anyone who would like to help and learn how to run the races is welcome on board the RC boat.


 What’s a DIYRA you ask? It’s the Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association (, an organization that was formed in 1961 to promote sailing on southeastern inland lakes. Each year DIYRA holds a meeting at one of the member clubs to discuss issues of interest among the members.

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